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Sometimes photography is about adding your own unique perspective. About breaking rules and finding where your true passion lies.

We have teamed up with the very talented Christian Irmler to bring you a great article and youtube video aimed at inspiring you and getting you producing uniquely better images right away!

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A Bit About Christian…

You may have heard of the famous painting “The Kiss” from mood impressionist Gustav Klimt that was painted in the late 19th Century.

The Austrian photographer Christian Irmler is the great-great-grandnephew of Gustav Klimt (6thdegree). His customers and his audience on YouTube know him as a mood impressionist for landscape photography – with mind blowing works! What a great combination!

Christian is a rule breaker. He learnt to use the rule of thirds, holding the horizon straight, how to use the golden spiral and how to expose correctly. Then he decided to go against his nature to create his own path. Learn and enjoy how Christian builds up outstanding compositions in an uncommon way.

Exploding Your Skills

Christian truly believes everyone should take world class photos. “Why wouldn’t you want to be and produce the best you can be”.

He loves to help other photographers and pulls useful tips from his wide spectrum of knowledge. He has started a rapidly growing and already successful YouTube channel where he takes you with him to gorgeous places in the middle of Europe and beyond. Each video contains tons of tips for beginners, advanced and master photographers.

His new video “The Photography Experiment” is mind blowing and we love that we are able to bring it to you exclusively. This is what we are all about!

“This video is aimed at people who shoot in all different niches. Portrait photography, street photography, wildlife photography, landscape photography, whatever – everyone can take part and I hope you will see improvements in your own work throughout this experiment.”

If you love photography and want to improve – don’t forget to subscribe to Christian’s channel. Your world and understanding of photography will definitely change.

Link to Christian’s YouTube Channel:

It is amazing how Christian Irmler came into touch with photography. He comes from a family of artists. We mentioned Gustav Klimt already, but also his grandfather was a homeland painter in Austria and a professor of art.

His parent’s house was full of different paintings and great “how to’s”. Like how to get a viewer into the frame, how to hold him as long as possible, how to touch the viewer’s soul. These were dinner table talks.

Christian started with photography when he was 12. He asked his dad in the summer holidays in Venice if he could take some photos with the family camera. This was around 30 years ago. From this first moment he felt in love with photography and he was totally clear about his future career.

If you love photography we highly recommend to watch Christian’s weekly videos!

As always, let us see what you have created! We are here to help and inspire.

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