Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Revolutionised

Designer 3dDecors may have just revolutionised how we use photoshop. Could this new keyboard save you hours of editing and design time? Could this be a game changer for Photoshop keyboard shortcuts?

We are not promoting this product for any financial benefit. We are promoting it because we just love it!

The new invention looks exactly like the Photoshop toolbar but it brings you the chance to have quick access to everything in it. All at the tap of a key.

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

You will have instant access to all of Photoshop’s commonly used tools in the key-layout. You will also be able to save, open undo and redo your work at the touch of a key.

There are even custom-mappable knobs for controlling features such as brush sizes, hardness, or even for zooming in/out. For those stuck using the MacBook trackpad this will be an absolute game changer. Those using a mouse may find the knobs quicker and more refined.

The whole keyboard can be mapped as per your requirements. This means you can create your own Photoshop keyboard shortcuts to simplify YOUR work and life.

Smaller Version

If you don’t love the horizontal design theres also a smaller, square, option available for roughly around £120/$150 on Etsy right now. If you are in love with the two you can combine them to really maximise those toolbar shortcuts.

There are similar products on the market targeted towards big agencies but these nifty little keyboards will make for perfect home use. With price tags around 5 times cheaper than the Loupedeck CT there is finally a cost effect device for freelancers!

See How it All Works

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts
Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

We all know that saving time in photoshop means being able to take more work on. It also means less headaches right?

It may take a while to get used to these keyboards but once you do you will never look back.

Not got the cash right now?

Not to worry we have also got you covered!

This quick blog will remind you of your favourite Photoshop keyboard shortcuts to use on your current keyboard. Keep them in mind to save yourself some time.


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